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Our Mission is to
Ensure AI Agents Serve Humanity, Adhering to Helpfulness, Harmlessness and Honesty (HHH).

We do this by pioneering self-programming AI agents
that can autonomously create

custom software products for your ideas!

Founder's Note

Photo of Adnan Boz

For the last 30 years, we have navigated through challenges that have continually hampered the software industry. Issues such as expanding product backlogs, ever-lengthening project timelines, and a persistent shortage of software architects, designers, engineers, managers, and QA professionals have hindered the swift conversion of ideas into software products, impacting billions of people.


The rise of generative AI has introduced the potential for a non-human intelligence capable of managing the intricacies of end-to-end software development. Yet, the field is overrun with AI agents lacking robust safety measures. At, we are committed to leading the way in developing agentic AI solutions that are not only intelligent but also perpetually honest, harmless, and helpful. is more than just another tech company. It embodies a mission shaped by a profound understanding of the industry’s challenges, gained through hands-on experience in every role of the software development lifecycle. This extensive background fuels our commitment to pioneering self-programming AI technologies that autonomously generate customized software solutions, ensuring that our advancements serve humanity responsibly.

We are in the early stages and actively seeking partners and investors to join our journey. We also welcome talented product managers and data scientists who are eager to contribute to our mission and be part of our exciting venture.

Let's Create the Future Together

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